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A Clash of Kingdoms


Tuesdays, 6:30p | Adults


Like the Roman Empire, governments or organizations can become centered on power and believe their messages are the “good news.” As Christians, we’re called to proclaim God’s name in all the earth, but how do we to do that in the midst of false gospels?

In this series, Ray Vander Laan takes us on Paul’s second missionary journey as he helps us discover how Paul communicated the Good News of Christ to Philippi, a Roman colony that worshiped false gods. Can you live the message as Paul did while he encouraged the church in Philippi to consider itself a colony of heaven, not Rome? This study helps us consider our citizenship—and the message we convey to the world.

A Clash of Kingdoms is a 5-week study and will be followed by Cultures in Conflict. This group will meet for 10 weeks.

Location:  Estrella

Meet the Leader:  Randy Donahue

Randy enjoys hiking, pickleball, coaching, and watching soccer.