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Intentional Parenting


Mondays, 6:30p | Adults | Pets in Home


No matter how good their intentions, all parents at times resort to quick-fix parenting: things we do to stop a kid’s negative or annoying behavior. Quick-fix parenting may temporarily ease a parent’s stress level, but it does little to positively impact a child’s future. Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

This study will help us learn 10 ways to become intentional in our parenting as we raise our children to become healthy, independent young adults. It’s based on solid principles which, applied over time, actually result in less-stressed parents and happier, better-adjusted, and more successful kids. Intentional parenting means you’ve got more than good intentions; you’ve got a plan.

Location:  Verrado

Meet the Leaders: Tiffany & Matt Topie

Tiffany and Matt love traveling and camping and they also enjoy music and reading.