Developing Courageous Leaders

We believe that being a leader is a high calling, and we want to help our emerging (and current) leadership succeed!.

Jesus called people to lead from a wide variety of backgrounds, invested in them and challenged them to make an impact.  Many were unlikely leaders.  But that circle of 12 leaders he poured into grew in courage and leadership in ways they probably never imagined.

The goal behind Summit’s Leadership Pipeline is to build a culture where we regularly identify, develop and launch leaders who make a difference.  We pray that people become strong leaders not just in their ministry role—but also in their families, work and community.

Because everything rises and falls on leadership, we want to challenge leaders to embrace their God-given potential.

The first step is to step into faithful, regular ministry with one of our teams.  You can sign up to serve now.

Your next step is to talk with your ministry leader, coach or staff director about opportunities to lead and then complete Summit’s Leadership Application.