We, at Summit, are so excited about our new partnership opportunity with Children’s HopeChest and 3 other Phoenix area churches. Together, we will be working to have a positive impact on the community of La Cuchilla, Guatemala.

How Can You Participate?

* Become a Friendship Partner to a child in La Cuchilla.
* Become a gift donor to facilitate development projects that enhance the self-sustainability and long-term improvement of La Cuchilla including a vegetable garden, chicken coops, and a kitchen
* Participate in mission trips to La Cuchilla
* Keep the La Cuchilla Friendship Ministry and community in your prayers

Becoming a Child’s Friendship Partner

A Friendship Partnership enables you to enjoy the unique opportunity to have a one-on-one personal relationship with a child living in La Cuchilla. Through letters, photos, and even potential mission visits, you will have an opportunity to build a friendship that can last a lifetime and provide hope for a vulnerable child.

Responsibilities of a Friendship Partner

* Keep your Friendship Partner child in prayer
* Write letters to your child at least 3 times per year
* Optional mission visits to see your child
* Cost is $45 per month which supports the nutritional, educational, and medical needs of your child

Are you so excited about this opportunity to have an impact and to be a blessing to a child in La Cuchilla, Guatemala? Click on the Interested button and join us for Launch Sunday on February 9th. We will be joined by representatives from Children’s HopeChest and it will be your first opportunity to sign up as a Friendship Partner.