Join us as we build relationships in our community and have a little fun at the same time.  Together we can lead people to Jesus while creating an encouraging environment and strengthening our commitment to community. Our Community Impact Team serves as our outreach to our local schools, non-profit partners, first responders and many more.

We Love Our Schools and Lunch Appreciations

Help build appreciations baskets or deliver lunch to our teachers how much we appreciate the difficult job they have.  We even help clean up around the campuses.

Community Events

Represent Summit and our mission as we serve the community at local events such as Family Hope Fest, Founder’s Day, Earth Day, Summit Snow and others.

Serve Saturdays

Come along as we take on various projects to help our community and non-profit partners.  Those may include trash pickup along local trails, serving lunch to community members, gather food for local food banks, just to name a few.


Sign up today to be part of Summit Community Impact team!  You will be added to an email list and will be notified when projects are scheduled.  You will get to choose which project you want to help with based on your availability.